Stage Track

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  • Stage track is sold by the meter, e.g. 1mtr, 1.5mtr, 2mtr, 2.5 and so on to 5.5mtrs
  • Custom lengths can be made to order as well as any corner pieces and any radius required.
  • Fitting is usually done by us , however we can supply to the customer and they can fit the product easily themselves.

  • Fixings for our standard 'Tab track' can be up to 3 mtrs apart, Fixings for the 'Truss Track Systems' can be up to 6 mtrs apart . This characteristic makes our Track the most useful product for what it is intended for, Flimsy Aluminium extrusions that are being sold as 'Stage Track' just simply do not compare with our product.
Theatre moving track setup Theatre moving track system in white Theatre moving track setup with curtains hanging

The moving track system shown has been proven to be the ultimate answer to most small to medium Stage set ups, giving total flexibility and user friendly rigging with quick scene changes

Theatre stage curtain track corners Theatre moving track system sample picture

Standard lengths of straight track are in .5mtr increments, all lengths are carried in stock up to 5.5 mtrs. Any special lengths or corner radius can be made to order. .
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