Lighting Bars and Grids

The Pre wired Lighting Bars and Lighting Grids we manufacture come in custom configurations, generally we make to measure or to suit individual requirements. The pipe work can be powder coated to suit the decor of each venue, and can either be 'blank' or pre-wired which eliminates the need for messy extension cables and other dodgy wiring methods.

Pre-wired lighting truss

Below are two photos of High Schools here in Auckland which show 'before and after' of the Hall up grade, it is an amazing transformation to see. The Truss is Pre-wired with 24 circuits all going back to the dimmer location 'Stage left'.

before the hall upgrade After the re-fit with our pre wired ladder truss

Below is an example of a standard single pre-wired lighting bar with a close up of one of the power outlet sockets, note how unobtrusive the entire assembly is, being that there is no need for extra runs of cable and separate power point outlets on the wooden truss frame.

Pre-wired lighting bar Pre-wired lighting bar

Below left is a Auditorium ceiling with 4 runs of pre-wired bars just in front of the portal construction, almost invisible to the eye, the picture to the right shows the hangar and cable exit closer up.

Pre-wired lighting bar Pre-wired lighting bar

Pre-wired ladder truss, measures 350mm high and made to suit any application.

Pre-wired lighting truss during installation Pre-wired lighting truss during installation

Aluminium Truss
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