Theatre Drapes

The Stage, Studio, Theatre and Church curtains we manufacture are made of the highest quality imported fabrics, all curtains we supply are flame retarded as a matter of course. We supply all sorts of back drops and gauzes to theatre and school hall stages as well as drama rooms and theatre,T.V and the film industry. Canvas, Gauzes and Cyclorama cloths can be supplied 12.5mtrs x 60mtrs as one piece seamless cloths.

We also have an extensive hire stock of Digital Green screens as well as Studio tracking in stock.

Below is an example of one of the many festoon/waterfall curtains we have supplied over the years, the Theatre is a 1940's design with a 'raked' floor we supplied a 'moving track' system as well, the client and the public now have a really great multi-purpose Theatre that looks and works well.

Festoon/ water fall curtain Festoon/ water fall curtain

Below is a festoon curtain in action with blue light on it creating a really spectacular stage set.

Drapes of all shapes and sizes

Below is an example of some Churches that we have supplied Altar curtains into.
Cardinal red velvet curtain Blue velvet curtain

Hindu Temple

Below is a small 'digital blue' screen, the picture also shows the method of rigging any screen or back drop.

Basic method of rigging a back drop with our track

Drapes of all shapes and sizes

Cyclorama 5mtr drop X 16mtrs wide Cyclorama 5mtr Drop X 16mtrs wide
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